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After School Programs

The following Lapan programs are designed to support the over-all mission by equipping and preparing students for successful completion of both high school and the post-secondary education of their choice.
College & Career After School Program

College & Career Advisory

Active since 2008 • Monday-Thursday 10:30-6:30

Since the vast majority of Lapan students are the first in their families to attend college, most come with limited knowledge of how to navigate the complexities of the college admission process. Some come from families whose roots are in Mexico and are unfamiliar with the culture and practices of the American system. One of the vital services the Lapan College & Career Club provides is to coach students through the process: helping students to write a winning college essay, apply for FAFSA and scholarships, meet the college application deadlines, avoid the pitfalls of predatory lenders and the temptations and travails of the life of a college freshman. Lapan students and families can schedule personal appointments at the Lapan Center with a college and career advisor who will help them walk through the minefields until they attain their college degree and successfully find a career in their field. Workshops and meetings for students and parents are held throughout the year at the critical moments of transition.

CAP After School Program

Cross-Age Peer Mentoring Program (CAP)

Active since 2011 • Monday-Thursday 3:30-6:00 and Wednesdays 2:00-6:30

After watching a ten-fold increase in the number of Wakefield students attending college suddenly flatline after three years, the Lapan College & Career Club realized that to continue to incentivize more students to attend college it would be necessary to address the needs of B and C students who were not benefitting from the "$50 for every A." The CAP program targets B and C students at the middle school level by inviting them to be mentored by top-performing "A" Lapan high school and college students who are trained to mentor these students using a month-by-month curriculum guide addressing among other things: monitoring weekly assignments, time management, personal organization, the creation of a Professional Portfolio, community service, leadership, career exploration and personal goal setting. The strength of this program is the focus on the personal relationship of trust through one-to one weekly sessions at the Lapan Center.

The Portfolio After School Program

The Portfolio Project

Active since 2008

One of our goals is that each Lapan College & Career Club student develop a Professional Portfolio. Initiated during their 6th-grade year, students update and add to their Portfolio in successive years throughout high school and college. Beginning with the creation of a résumé, students identify areas of weakness in their résumé which then can be addressed in the next five years as they approach the college application process. The Lapan Portfolio supplied to students contains nine focus tabs with activities and record sheets where students can collect and aggregate evidence of their efforts, especially in the areas of leadership, community service, and career exploration. Students also collect certificates and samples of their best work, along with letters of recommendation, college and scholarship research, etc. Ultimately it is a tool for students to think strategically about their future and make decisions that will augment their chances of attaining their college and career aspirations.

Soccer Club After School Program

The Lapan Soccer Scholar League (LSSL)

Active since 2011 • Practice: Monday 4:00-5:30 PM Games: Wednesday 3:00-5:30 PM

Building on the cultural passion for "the beautiful game" among the young people in the community, the LSSL uses soccer as a draw for Lapan students at the middle schools to learn important life skills which will be helpful to them both on and off the field. The program also involves a coach/mentor staff comprised of successful Lapan high school and college students who are accomplished in the field of both athletics and academics and who are powerful role models for the middle school students. Some of our coaches are members of Pueblo High School's state championship team who were themselves products of the Lapan program from when they were students at Wakefield.
El Jardin After School Program

"El Jardin" Community Service Program

Active since 2008 • Tuesday 3:00-5:30 PM

The Lapan Conservatory filled with tropical trees and plants is an iconic landmark in the Wakefield community as well as a powerful metaphor for the nurturing and cultivation of young people as they prepare for a college career. The El Jardín community garden provides Lapan students with an easy opportunity for community service that is locally accessible, and also addresses issues of nutrition, obesity and environmental sustainability. Middle school students toil under the tutelage of high school and college mentor "nutritionists" planting their own vegetable gardens, tending the fruit trees in the orchard, managing the tilapia in the aquaponic system, integrating worm castings from the worm farm using organic methods, and irrigating the plants with the water from extensive rain-water capturing systems off the school's roof tops. The program is a collaboration with the Tucson Community Food Bank.
Robotics After School Program

Lapan Robotics Club

Active since 2015 • Thursday 4:00-5:30 PM

In response to the growing demand for college graduates in STEM-related fields, the Lapan College & Career Club launched the Robotics program in 2015. Students learn to build, program and operate robots, in the process integrating principles of physics, chemistry, and engineering, as well as the use and safety of basic shop tools in the Lapan "maker space." Founded initially by a Wakefield alumni who was an engineer at Raytheon, the program continues to recruit volunteer mechanical and electrical engineers from industry and University of Arizona students to be instructors and provide the content. The program is hands-on and project-based. In the spring students compete in a battle-bot competition using robotic vehicles they have designed and created.

Lapan Sunshine Foundation Pet Program

Lapan Pet Therapy Program

Active since 2019 • Monday 4:00-5:00 PM

The Lapan Pet Therapy Program uses a child's love of animals as a tool to teach life-skills and promote college-readiness. Students learn to care for and appropriately handle pets such as dogs, miniature horses, birds, etc. Studies indicate that caring for animals breaks down emotional and intellectual barriers in children and allows volunteers to have meaningful and impactful conversations with the students involved in the program.
Bill the Movie

Lapan Theatre Troupe

Active since 2017 • June M-F • 8:00 AM-2:00 PM

Building on a partnership with the storied Fox Theatre in downtown Tucson, the Lapan Theatre Troupe creates dramatic plays and videos during the month of June, culminating with a final performance at the Fox Theatre for the benefit of the entire community. All Lapan students are welcome to participate. Students write plays, perform, create sets, shoot videos and create multi-media performances. Perhaps the most successful performance was the play "Bill" (presented first as a play and then as a film) based on the true story of Bill De La Rosa, one of the Lapan College & Career Club's star students. The Lapan College & Career Club greatly values the arts and is delighted to make available this unique opportunity to our Lapan students.

Lapan Art Class

Active since 2020 

Lapan College & Career Club students will learn to create beauty, tell a story, and share a feeling. They will play and experiment with ideas and art techniques to help find their style as an artist. They learn how to make those ideas into tangible objects that they can give to others. Students will learn to talk about their art and present ideas as a personal brand. Learning from an instructor like Eva Murzaite will give our students a chance to see and experience how other artists create their work, see their workspaces, and talk to them about their experiences. Our students will be engaged in conversations that will allow them the chance to see and participate in how art is formatted, displayed and sold. Another exciting piece of this class is learning entrepreneurial skills on how to earn money by making art.

Lapan Strength and Conditioning

Active since 2020

The Strength and Conditioning Program will promote physical and mental health. Our students will build strength through a variety of activities. Encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship to create a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Safety will be our number one priority. Students will be trained in the proper use of all equipment also fitness room etiquette. Our Program will lay a strong foundation of skills that each student will be able to apply in everyday life, leading to a healthy lifestyle. Leadership, passion, hard work, self-motivation, accountability, dependability, consistency are skills we will use as building blocks to create success for our students not only in our program but also for their future. Through exercise, we will increase bone density, reduce health risk factors, increase mental health. Physical activity has been proven to have a positive effect on the body’s overall health. Teaching how to utilize large muscle groups properly and correct exercise form. Every exercise will have progressions and regressions for each student according to any fitness level. All students will be under the supervision of a Certified Fitness Professional along with trained instructors. Due to Covid-19, we will enforce a clean exercise environment. All equipment will be disinfected and sanitized before and after each use. Hand sanitizer and disinfect wipes will be available for use. CDC Guidelines will be followed at all times.

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