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The Strength and Conditioning Program will promote physical and mental health. Our students will build strength through a variety of activities. Encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship to create a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Safety will be our number one priority. Students will be trained in proper use of all equipment also fitness room etiquette.
Our Program will lay a strong foundation of skills that each student will be able to apply in everyday life, leading to a healthy lifestyle. Leadership, passion, hard work, self-motivation, accountability, dependability, consistency are skills we will use as building blocks to create success for our students not only in our program, but also for their future.
Through exercise, we will increase bone density, reduce health risk factors, increase mental health. Physical activity has been proven to have a positive effect on the body’s overall health. Teaching how to utilize large muscle groups properly and correct exercise form. Every exercise will have progressions and regressions for each student according to any fitness level. All students will be under supervision of a Certified Fitness Professional along with trained instructors.
Due to Covid-19, we will enforce a clean exercise environment. All equipment will be disinfected and sanitized before and after each use. Hand sanitizer and disinfect wipes will be available for use. CDC Guidelines will be followed at all times.

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