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Other Ways to Give

You can contribute by providing much-needed supplies and equipment from our Wish List or by volunteering your time and skills.

Lapan Pet Therapy Program wish list

  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Clorox wipes
  • Stethoscopes
  • Construction paper
  • Name tags
  • Poster board
  • Glue
  • Dog brushes
  • Scissors
  • Goldfish
  • Fruit snacks
  • Crackers
  • Granola bars

Garden Wish List

  • Upgrade automated irrigation/misting system in the greenhouse: $400
  • Upgrade automated irrigation system in the garden:  $250
  • Pots, potting soil, and new garden hand tools for garden club: $500
  • Trees for Urban reforestation project: $500
  • Refresh air pumps and water pumps for aquaponic systems: $300
  • Repair and upgrade lighting system in/around the greenhouse: $500
  • Backup cooling system for the greenhouse: $800

Music Class Wish List

  • Storage closet for music room: $500
  • 12 channel audio mixer for band: $500
  • Lighting system for the band: $1,500
  • 4 computers for audio recording: $1400 each
  • Additional mics, mic cables, stands and guitar cables: $500
  • Backdrop for band performances: $150
  • Multi-Guitar rack storage system: $500
  • Monitor system for the band: $500
  • Stage riser for band performances: $500

Robotics Class Wish List

  • 10 Arduino robotic kits ($200 each)
  • 5 Optimus Dual Camera Drones ($250 each)
  • Aluminum stock for shop for kids to use to make parts ($500)
  • Harbor Freight mini-metal lathe for shop ($700)
  • Harbor Freight mini-milling machine and end bits ($900)
  • 2 computers for programming ($1400 each)

Soccer Program Wish List

  • New John Deere X590 mower for the soccer field maintenance ($8,500)
  • Refurbishing of line painting machine ($300)
  • 2 new soccer goal posts ($4,000 for set of 2)

General Program Wish List

  • Laptops for Student Check Out (in light of coronavirus online classes)
  • 18 Passenger Van for student transportation ($55,000)
  • (10) New iMac Computers (21.5 inch 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor 1TB Storage Retina 4K Display with Apple Care, $1,400 each)  
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera and low-light lens
  • John Deere X500 Series Tractor for Field Maintenance: Mowing, mulching, grass collection and field repair: 
  • Portable Aluminum Field Benches for Soccer Teams
  • 100 Uline Folding Chairs
  • 2 Uline Folding Chair Dolly (2 Tier)
  • 10 Uline Deluxe Folding Tables
  • 2 Uline Folding Table Dolly
  • Kenmore Electric Range
  • Electric Range Hood for Kitchen
  • Ramada and Picnic Table for Garden
  • Volunteer Work Teams & Building Supplies:  (Students can help build!)
    • To build changing rooms inside the ramada along with storage lockers for equipment and repairs to electrical system.
    • Purchase of materials and supplies for the project.
    • To build Ramada for Garden Area
  • Lighting for the Soccer Fields


Become a Volunteer

There are many ways you can volunteer to support Lapan Sunshine Foundation. From one-time opportunities to ongoing partnerships your involvement on behalf of children can start a ripple of change – changing the lives of children and the future we all share.
Please use the contact form to inquire about the available opportunities.
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